Teddy Ten Anniversary

For the tenth anniversary of the Teddy Bear coat, teddy has embarked on a real world tour and opened the doors to his home, the Fluffy Residence.

The Fluffy Residence

Discover the Fluffy Residence: a whimsical dream come true, a magical place of enveloping contours, a haven of tenderness. Let's leave behind the hectic realities of daily life and immerse ourselves in a world created entirely in Teddy fabric. The woman Teddy welcomes into the Fluffy Residence adores design and fashion. It is likely that she has built a career, loves going out, never tires of meeting new people, wants to experiencing new things and yet would never pass up an opportunity to host a cosy dinner with old friends. 

In the Fluffy Residence this woman finds a kindred spirit. So, explore the space. Check out the fun and games. Do make a point of trying the magic mirror. It’s Teddy’s favourite gadget and it will generate your Teddy alter ego. Take in the views through the interactive windows of Teddy’s neighbourhood: a fluffy rendition of the city like you have never seen it before. The Teddy Coat is no longer just a fashion accessory; it becomes a dream world, an entire lifestyle that offers comfort and ease at home and outside.

Highlights from Milan Fluffy Residence opening party